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Economic and Technological Intelligence Action for SME’s in Maritime Industries

A European project sponsored by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme comprising a consortium of 21 co-operating partners from 11 European Member states.

ETISMAR is about enabling small and medium sized enterprizes (SME’s) from the European maritime industries to participate in and benefit from the European Framework Programme for Research and Development, especially the CRAFT programme.

The SMEs invited to participate and benefit from ETISMAR support measures are suppliers of the shipyards, the shipping industry, the port industry (equipment and services suppliers) and small shipyards.

The overall objectives of the project are :

  • To INFORM all maritime SME companies in the selected countries and the concerned technical areas of the opportunities for EU supported collaborative RTD projects.
  • To UNDERSTAND & ANTICIPATE the market and technological needs and interests of SMEs in this context ; this being based on the RTD priorities of the maritime transport chain, already organised.
  • To ENCOURAGE the SMEs to share their common interests and to work together to improve their competitive positions.
  • To HELP the interested SMEs to PREPARE PROPOSALS for Exploratory AWARDS ; CRAFT or other Community RTD programmes.

In order to fulfill these objectives ETISMAR will deliver:

  • A DATABASE of about 2000 SMEs in the maritime industry sector with information on their products, business positions and needs for technological development or innovation.
    Workshops organised on a strategic basis across EUROPE will allow exploring the level of attention of concerned SME’s on a certain number of RTD priorities of the maritime transport chain ; a list will summarise these priorities and corresponding SMEs interested by each subject.
  • A WEB SITE including an «ideas market place», allowing interested SMEs on a given RTD topics to explore possible co-operation.
  • A LIST OF EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST from individual SMEs to use RTD means for their development needs.
    a maximum of 35 drafts projects applying for Exploratory Awards or foreseen for submission directly to the CRAFT programme or other FP5 programmes prepared with the active help of ETISMAR

Etismar is sponsored by the European Commission

under 5th Framework Programme

Project No. IPS - 1999 - 950062